From one large-capacity furnace and crane

In 1989, Aberfoyle Metal Treaters broke ground to build the first part of what is now an expanded 5-acre facility. Adding one furnace after another, Aberfoyle grew to accommodate a diverse range of client needs and components.

The real history of Aberfoyle did not start there, however. Harry Hall, Aberfoyle's founder, had been involved in heat treating of materials for about 15 years prior to the founding of Aberfoyle Metal Treaters Ltd. It was during those years that he gained the valuable hands-on experience and knowledge to recognize there was a definitive need in the marketplace for a better commercials heat treat facility; hence Aberfoyle Metal Treaters was created.

By 1999, it became apparent that customers had requirements for additional processing needs beyond heat treating, so a 15,000 square foot blasting and coating facility was added. With two paint booths and two blast units, Aberfoyle was able to facilitate a wide range of secondary operations on components from diverse industries.

Enthusiastic attention to the needs of our customers has been one of the key factors in our rapid growth rate. We have added additional equipment and facilities to accommodate the growing requirements of our clients while venturing into uncharted areas to provide unique and custom heat treating and blast and coat solutions. As we move forward, the need for the constant innovation of our processes and services is the key to our continued success.

Welcome to Teff-Line. In 2023, Teff-Line joined AMT as part of the Conrex Group of Companies.

Established in 1978 in Ontario, Canada, Teff-Line Ltd. quickly became the go-to industrial coating applicator for many businesses across North America. We specialize in surface preparation and application of engineered high-performance protective coating designs that are formulated to extend equipment life and minimize costly downtime.

Dedicated to Quality

Teff-Line is a proud member of the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC). We are one of four ISO-certified Licensed Industrial Applicators of Chemours coatings and finishes in Canada. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is something we demonstrate clearly in every project we take on, a reflection on the workmanship of our professionals and the strict quality control that we adhere to on every job. As a dedicated industrial coating applicator and specialist, we stand behind each and every one of our projects and systems.

Innovative & Committed

The wide variety of technologies that we offer make our coatings applicable for many industrial venues. We have provided the finishing touches on production and assembly rolls for paper and textile plants, anti-sticking solutions for food trays, grills, and meat processing equipment, coated metal processing machinery and custom material handling systems for mining corporations.

Our qualified professionals, together with our technological innovations and commitment to every customer, make Teff-Line the number one industrial coating applicator for many North American industries.


Our facilities include a 5-acre, 15,000 square foot blasting and coating facility with two paint booths, two blast units, five high-capacity furnaces and a 40,000 gallon quench tank at our Puslinch, Ontario location as well a 16,000 square foot indoor production facility in Burlington, Ontario with blast booths, spray booths, curing ovens, a burn off oven, an air dry bay and more.

Industry Peers and Partners

At AMT, we have always believed that a component of business success comes from communicating with industry peers to continually learn and exchange ideas about technology and business practices. We are proud to have been active with the following organizations over the years.

Careers at AMT

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Quality Supervisor

The Quality Inspector (Coatings) is responsible for monitoring and reporting compliance with quality standards and procedures that regulate the preparation and application of coatings and surface treatments.

The Quality Supervisor schedules and coordinates all plant inspections (Puslinch and Burlington) and quality paperwork. This is a fast-paced, job shop environment with requirements and priorities changing daily.

Candidate is responsible for a high standard of product quality, inventory control and ISO and compliance with health and safety requirements.

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